Fifty Shades of Boneshead

Look at us...We are a family

Seeley Booth & Temperance Brennan are the best TV characters. The best chemistry and the best love story. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are fabulous and I dream to meet them ! <3>

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You nurture me. You protect me. You are my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself — something I would never do.

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Make me choose; Jamie Dornan or Ian Somerhalder
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BOOTH & BRENNAN | 9X22 - The Nail In The Coffin

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"There was one question asking about our relationship outside of work, so.." 
"You should still do it; the government loves their paperwork. " 

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Bones 9x23: The Drama in the Queen (x

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